Why so expensive

Real Estate Face It. Affordability has dominated the narrative for years, with no end in near sight.

Why so expensive

Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? This is an important discussion for lawyers to have, but I think it is also important to stop and reflect on why hiring a lawyer is so expensive in the first place.

On top of the considerable cost of acquiring a law degree, malpractice insurance, business overhead, etc. In fact, I think some lawyers need to be reminded. But in order to do that, lawyers commit to much more. You may have heard the story about the lawyer who abandoned his Ferrari in rising flood waters so he could make it to a hearing.

Why are houses so expensive? Forty years ago, Margaret Thatcher realised that once people had found a job they liked, an area they liked and a person they liked, they wanted a bit of stability and independence and no rent to pay when they got older. Why, people ask me, is cheese so expensive? And why does local American cheese often cost more than cheese from Europe? Until today my answer has been limited to an accurate, if unsatisfying explanation that a pound of cheese is actually a lot of food—an appropriate amount for feeding eight to 16 people (assuming they each eat one to two ounces). May 26,  · The WoodenBoat Forum is sponsored by WoodenBoat Publications, publisher of WoodenBoat magazine. The Forum is a free service, and much like the "free" content on Public Radio, we hope you will support WoodenBoat by subscribing to this fabulous magazine.

Your problems are now my problems. My clients go home and sleep soundly for the first time in weeks or months. I go home and think about the legal issues all evening.

Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat and pull up the scheduling order on my phone, convinced I blew a deadline. When I am at the playground with my kids, I check my email in case I get something from opposing counsel or the court.

When I go out to dinner with my wife, I talk about hearings and depositions.

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Instead of taking the time to save his car, he abandoned it in order to get to court on time. Everyone was amazed except lawyers, who were like duh. Missing a hearing is not an option. You get someone who will abandon their precious supercar — or regular car — in rising flood waters so he can attend your hearing.

You get someone who will lose sleep worrying about your legal problem so you can finally get some rest.

Lawyers have a pretty singular value proposition. We take care of legal problems for our clients. They can go back to sleeping through the night, and you start losing sleep, instead.

You worry about where to find the paperwork or file the forms or how to get to the hearing while they go about their daily lives. Nobody would expect an Uber driver to absorb the cost of a parking ticket just so she can pick you up where you want.

Nobody expects an iPhone to absorb your stress and nobody thinks Facebook will really keep your secrets. Related Lawyer Hourly Rate Calculator So as long as that high level of obligation is what you get for your legal fee, the fee can only drop so much.So put an end to it!

The question about SEO and the expense of running an SEO campaign has come up so many times that I had to write an article explaining why SEO is so “expensive”!

Why so expensive

There are many reasons why an SEO campaign might be or might NOT be expensive to set up and maintain. For the more expensive Sunday fares, you probably have less to lose as you’ve already lost the discount so waiting on those has at least the chance of a cut.

Cheap . They are shinier, harder, but also much much more expensive and difficult to work with this mechanism. The hour markers on the dial, applied white gold.

The bezel, made from ceramic which is practically scratch proof. The lining used for the numbers on the bezel, sandblasted platinum. That is why these type of watches are so expensive.

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Why so expensive

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