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Quality writing paper sets

There are myriad ways of writing poor code. Thankfully, rising to the level of writing quality programs involves just 15 rules.

Following them won't make you a master programmer, but will allow you to fake one quite convincingly. Follow the Style Guide Every programming language has a style guide that tells you in great detail how to indent your code, where to put spaces and braces, how to name stuff, how to comment—all the good and bad practices.

For example, the style guide tells you the 12 mistakes lurking in this code snippet: Many organizations customize style guides to reflect the organization's specific practices. For instance, Google has developed and released style guides for more than a dozen languages.

These guides are well thought out, so check them out if you're looking for Quality writing paper sets programming for Google. Guides even include editor settings to help you apply a programming style, and custom tools can verify that your code adheres to that style.

Create Descriptive Names Constrained by slow, clunky teletypes, programmers in the past used to contract the names of their variables and routines to save time, keystrokes, ink, and paper. This culture persists in some communities, in the name of backward compatibility; consider C's tongue-twisting wcscspn wide character string complement span function.

But there's no excuse for this practice in modern code. Use long descriptive names, like complementSpanLength, to help yourself, now and in the future, as well as your colleagues to understand what the code does.

The only exception to this rule concerns the few key variables used within a method's body, such as a loop index, a parameter, an intermediate result, or a return value.

Even more importantly, think long and hard before you name something.

Quality writing paper sets

Is the name accurate? Did you mean highestPrice, rather than bestPrice?

Quality writing paper sets

Is the name specific enough to avoid taking more than its fair share of semantic space? Should you name your method getBestPrice, rather than getBest? Does its form match that of other similar names?

If you're naming a function, does the name describe what the function returns? Finally, there are some easy naming rules. Class and type names should be nouns. Methods names should contain a verb. In particular, if a method returns a value indicating whether something holds true for an object, the method name should start with is.

Other methods that return an object's property should start with get, and those that set a property should start with set. Comment and Document Start every routine you write function or method with a comment outlining what the routine does, its parameters, and what it returns, as well as possible errors and exceptions.

Summarize in a comment the role of each file and class, the contents of each class field, and the major steps of complex code. Write the comments as you develop the code; if you think you'll add them later, you're kidding yourself.

In addition, ensure that your code as a whole for example, an application or library comes with at least a guide explaining what it does; indicating its dependencies; and providing instructions on building, testing, installation, and use.

Don't Repeat Yourself Never copy-and-paste code. Instead, abstract the common parts into a routine or class or macro, if you mustand use it with appropriate parameters.

More broadly, avoid duplicate instances of similar data or code. Keep a definitive version in one place, and let that version drive all other uses. Following are some good examples of this practice: Creation of API reference guides from comments, using Javadoc or Doxygen Automatic detection of unit tests through an annotation or a naming convention Generation of both PDF and HTML documentation from a single markup source Derivation of object classes from a database schema or the opposite Rule 5: Check for Errors and Respond to Them Routines can return with an error indication, or they can raise an exception.

Don't assume that a disk will never fill up, your configuration file will always be there, your application will run with the required permissions, memory-allocation requests will always succeed, or that a connection will never time out.

Yes, good error-handling is hard to write, and it makes the code longer and less readable. But ignoring errors and exceptions simply sweeps the problem under the carpet, where an unsuspecting end user will inevitably find it one day. Split Your Code into Short, Focused Units Every method, function, or logical code block should fit on a reasonably-sized screen window 25—50 lines long.

If it's longer, split it into shorter pieces. An exception can be made for simple repetitive code sequences.

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