Predict three unintended consequences of not managing an hr database properly

Write a three to four page paper in which you: Use the Internet to research and evaluate two 2 commercial HR database systems for your organization. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each system and, based on your knowledge of human resources and database systems, propose one 1 package that would fit the needs of your organization. Suggest three 3 specific reasons why you would recommend that system over the other.

Predict three unintended consequences of not managing an hr database properly

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Employers need 'clear, simple, non-prescriptive guidelines on grievances, discipline and dismissal … encouraging early dispute resolution". This was of course the objective of the statutory dismissal and grievance procedures, introduced in October to promote the resolution of employment disputes in the workplace rather than in the employment tribunal.

But this recommendation comes from a DTI commissioned report which concludes that the statutory procedures have failed to meet this objective and recommends that they should be abolished, a mere two and a half years after they were first introduced.

The Gibbons Report, commissioned by the DTI to review employment dispute resolution in Great Britain makes 17 recommendations which, if implemented, will have far reaching consequences for the handling of workplace disputes.

HR Database Management: Unintended Consequences

The most significant of these is the recommendation that the statutory dispute resolution procedures be abolished in their entirety — a damning indictment on those procedures but one which echoes the sentiments of many employers in the sector.

Michael Gibbons, the author of the Report, said 'I was struck by the overwhelming consensus that the intentions of the Dispute Resolution Regulations were sound and there was a genuine attempt to keep them simple. However, they have had unintended consequences which far outweigh their benefits. The Report highlights that many businesses consider that the statutory procedures have led to an increase in the number of disputes they experience.

Predict three unintended consequences of not managing an hr database properly

Further, rather than encouraging early resolution, the procedures have led to a more formal process being used to address problems which might easily have been resolved informally. As a result, conflicts escalate, taking up more management time and engaging employees in an unnecessarily formal and stressful process.

There is evidence that both employers and employees are seeking legal advice on their disputes at an earlier stage than before, and that the costs and management time involved in dealing with disputes is steadily increasing.

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The Report also notes that the application of the 'one size fits all' formal approach inherent in the statutory procedures creates significant problems — the procedures often appear excessive or difficult to apply to the situation in question. The strong links between the formalities of the statutory procedure and employment tribunal proceedings creates a focus on ensuring that the procedures are strictly adhered to rather than addressing the causes of the underlying problem.

Yes, the causes of the underlying problem, i. The procedures also make both parties more defensive, and entrench their respective positions, making it more likely that they will ultimately resolve their dispute in the employment tribunal. And is this the fault of the employee?

At last some sense. This will bring some immediate benefits for Universities, particularly in dismissal cases where there would no longer be the risk of automatic unfair dismissal for failing to follow the statutory dismissal procedure.

Is this a good thing for employees? Similarly the removal of the risk of increased compensation for failing to follow the statutory grievance procedure will be welcomed by Universities, especially given the wide interpretation of what counts as a statutory grievance.

Yes, they get off the hook. There may also be no need to hear post-termination grievances from former employees. However, there would also be some disadvantages. Abolishing the statutory procedures may see a return to the pre-October situation where the employer first becomes aware of a dispute when it receives a tribunal complaint form.

It is also likely that any new regime would be less prescriptive than the statutory procedures and therefore less certain in its application.

What will replace the statutory procedures? The key issue is what, if anything, will replace the statutory procedures.An intensive three-day executive leadership training event that explores your role as a leader, visionary and strategic thinker!

Unintended Consequences of Fairness, Excellence, and Collaboration Human Resources works best when it works with you. 4. Predict three (3) unintended consequences of not managing an HR database properly and how you would circumvent those situations from occurring.

Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources. maintaining an MS Access-based database application. 3.

Assess the (3) most significant risks associated with combining products from multiple vendors into one (1) HRIS. 4. Predict three (3) unintended consequences of not managing an HR database properly and how you would circumvent those situations from occurring.

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