Internal environment of singapore airline

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Internal environment of singapore airline

Air Travel and the Environment

We strive to reduce our impact by taking the necessary measures in dialogue with our local communities. While accommodating the increasing customer demand for mobility, one challenge for the aviation industry is to maintain noise hindrance at an acceptable level for those living near airports.

Fleet Renewal All our modern aircraft meet the criteria established by the ICAO Chapter 4 Noise standard, the most stringent noise standard for new subsonic jet aircraft. Inwe significantly reduced our noise footprint by withdrawing Boeing s from operational service and introducing the Air France took delivery of four Bs while the last Boeing s were retired in Specific solutions are also sought to reduce noise emissions from aircraft.

This working group noted the positive improvements achieved by Air France through: The early withdrawal of these aircraft involved more than 2, procedures, which constitutes 0.

Their replacement by a more efficient type of aircraft resulted in a decrease at Paris-CDG, of over 1 point in value of the global pressure-intensity index of the measurement, an indicator representing sound power. They came up with a proposal of testing new night-time continuous descent procedures, where Air France was chosen to be the pilot airline.

French government policies include the exposure to aircraft noise in their urban planning considerations and provide financial help for soundproofing homes.


We aim to minimize waste and to recycle and reprocess whenever possible throughout the supply chain. As a transport provider, we can be a catalyst in the value chain by procuring more sustainable and circularly produced goods.

Internal environment of singapore airline

Everyone can recycle, produce less waste and adopt good practices. Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our ambition is to take sustainability into consideration at every phase of the lifecycle of our various products and services. This begins with design, and goes on to cover every other process along the way.

We handle a variety of different types of waste, particularly waste originating from flight and maintenance activities, both of which are subject to strict regulations. Two thirds of our nonhazardous waste result from catering and onboard service: Reducing waste also provides a financial opportunity: We work closely with our suppliers and other parties to contribute towards the use of sustainable materials and resources throughout the value chain.

The regulations vary depending on the station and are often very restrictive, like the European regulation requiring the incineration of any elements having been in contact with food for international flights.

Two main levers enable a reduction in food waste: We regularly re-evaluate the number of required meals on aircraft based on statistics, historical load factors, and passenger habits.

This re-evaluation enables a reduction in waste and in production and transportation costs, as well as in the actual on-board mass. To regularly renew the in-flight service offer, we propose a number of products to passengers for a limited period.

Air France also chooses to serve refreshments until the available stocks are exhausted, before replacing them with new product ranges. Lastly, products which are not distributed to passengers during the flight, and can potentially be conserved, like biscuits and snacks, sugar, salt, bottled water and soft drinks, are recovered and reinserted in the flow of meal trays prepared for the following flights.

In this case, cost saving is combined with waste minimization. For example, a significant proportion of reusable obsolete equipment, like trays, drawers, blankets and trolleys, is recycled.Airline Business Models and Competitive Strategies (Classroom, 5 days) Virtual Simulation Program Singapore, Singapore (IATA) 19 Nov - 23 Nov.

This subject is a tough one for me. It concerns me as a citizen, but it affects me on a personal level, too, and it leaves me feeling uneasy. I am, after all, an airline pilot. Singapore Airlines (SIA) has embarked on a three-year turnaround plan to review work processes and operations companywide, as the airline faces fierce competition that has eroded profits..


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