Essays about computer ethics

Criminal law Page 3 Explain the three elements of the opportunity triangle commit, conceal, convertand discuss how Miller accomplished each when embezzling funds from Associated Communications. What specific concealment techniques did Miller use? Page 3 What pressures motivated Miller to embezzle? How did Miller rationalize his actions?

Essays about computer ethics

This is an obvious threat to jobs and employment. Although the computers occasionally need some repair, they don not need sleep, they don not get hungry or tired, computers do not go home because of illness or take some time off for relaxation and rest. In addition, computers are more efficient than people are in performing numerous tasks.

Consequently, the economic motivations to replace human beings with computerized machines and devices are high. Without a doubt, in the developed world many employees have already lost their jobs because of computerized machines and devices. These people include bank tellers, telephone operators, typists, autoworkers, assembly-line workers, graphic artists, security guards, and many others are continuing to lose their jobs today.

Furthermore, even other professionals such as medical doctors, teachers, lawyers, psychologists, and accountants are finding that nowadays computers can carry out many of their professional duties effectively Nissenbaum, The service outlook, however, is not that bad.

For instance, the reality that the computer business has already generated a broad range of new careers is a good thing. Some of these careers include software engineers, webmasters, hardware engineers, systems analysts, computer sales clerks, teachers of information technology, and so on.

Therefore, it emerges that, in a short while the unemployment generated by computers will be a vital social problem, but after some time the information technology industry will generate more jobs than it eliminates Gorniak-Kocikowska, For instance, airplane pilots still sit at the cockpit where they control commercial aircrafts; but during much time of the flight, the pilot just watches as a computer does much of his or her work.

In a similar situation, those employees who prepare food and beverages in restaurants or manufacture goods in factories still have their jobs; but often these people simply push buttons or switches and start watching as the computerized machines and devices performing their needed tasks.

This trend makes it possible for computers to de-skill the workers. They turn turning into button pushers and passive observers. However, this picture is not very bad since computers have also created new jobs that require sophisticated skills to complete.

For instance, computers have assisted surgeons in keyhole surgery and drafting Forester, and Morrison, Another important workplace issue is the one that concerns safety and health.

Forester and Morrison point out that when people or employers introduce information technology in a place of work, it is vital to consider possible impacts on the health and work satisfaction of employees who will use the technology.

Essays about computer ethics

It is likely, for instance, that such employees will feel strained trying to cope with computerized machines and devices with high speed. Another possibility of a hazard in the workplace is that, employees may get some injuries by repeatedly doing the same thing. In addition, the health of the workers may be at risk due to radiation originating from computer monitors Forester, and Morrison, Computer or cyber crimes In this age of international spying by computer hackers who may be thousands of kilometers away, and computer viruses, it is certainly clear that the security of computers is a topic of great concern in the area of Computer Ethics.

Mostly, the problem does not concern the physical security of computer hardware, but rather its logical security. Computer security is divided into five aspects: Spiteful types of programmed threats or software offer a considerable challenge to the security of computer.

These include, viruses that cannot run properly on their own, but they rather use other computer programs. Another threat is the one brought by worms, these worms can move from one computer or a machine to the other machine across networks.

The worms may have some parts of themselves operating on different computers or machines. Others are the Trojan horses that usually appear to be programs, but they are doing some damage behind the scenes. Logic bombs on the other hand usually checks for particular conditions then they start executing their damage when the conditions arise.

Finally, there are rabbits or bacteria, which multiply rapidly, hence filling the memory computers Gorniak-Kocikowska, Another big risk to the security of computers is the hacker.

This person is the one who breaks into the computer system of another person without permission. Some of these hackers steal data commit vandalism or steals data intentionally. Other hackers simply explore the computer system to see how the system works and what data it contains.

The hackers who are explorers repeatedly claim to be compassionate freedom fighters and defenders against swindles by major organizations or undercover work by government agents. These self-styled vigilantes of cyberspace often say that they do no harm when they hack in a computer system.

On the contrary, they claim to be helping the society by revealing security risks. Nevertheless, every act of hacking no matter for what cause is very harmful. This is because any identified successful infiltration of a computer system calls for the owner of the system to check for lost or damaged data and programs.

Yet if the system hacker did certainly make no changes on the data or programs, the owner of the computer must go through an expensive and lengthy investigation of the system that the hacker has compromised Nissenbaum, Because computer ethics is such a volatile issue, an entire branch of study has grown up around computer ethics, which proponents who believe the computer age caused these ethical issues, and others who believe these issues would have surfaced anyway.

Computer Ethics in Today's Electronic Environments. Importance of Computer Ethics in Today's Electronic Environments Computer ethics are the moral guidelines that govern the use of computers and information systems.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec As information system use becomes more widespread and more individuals and organizations rely on the internet as a means of conducting business, it becomes ever more important to assure that the internet is a place where privacy is protected.

Computer ethics is about principles related to behavior and decisions made by computer professionals and users, including software engineers, operators, managers, policy makers, as well as educators and students.

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Professional Ethics: A Free Online Course | Open Culture The conceptual foundations of computer ethics are investigated by information ethicsa branch of philosophical ethics promoted, among others, by Luciano Floridi.

Computer Ethics. In the age where technology is fast affecting almost every area of life, there are issues that come up relative to the ethical application of the same. Computer ethics essay.

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