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Custom essay writers ukraine

On the one hand, there were extremely negative trends that made Ukrainian people and political leaders to get larger autonomy and eventually resulted in the independence of the country.

On the other hand, there were positive achievement which actually laid the foundation for the relatively high level Ukrainian economy had reached by To put it more precisely, speaking about positive effects or achievements of the Soviet era, it is custom essay writers ukraine to point out the relatively high level of the development of Ukrainian industry and agriculture, significant scientific progress and huge military potential which could have make the country a very significant player on the international arena in the early s when Ukraine had just got independence.

For instance, the development of Ukrainian science and industry was high enough to have a potential to compete with leading countries of the world.

In this respect, it is worth mentioning the development of aero-space industry in Ukraine that means that the country had technologies accessible only to few leading world powers, such as the USA, Great Britain and other leading countries of the world. Or, else, the country had a well-developed nuclear energy industry which generated over a third of energy generated in Ukraine.

In addition, Ukraine had a huge and powerful military complex, which made it one of the leading powers in the region.

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On the other hand, all these achievements and benefits that the Soviet era brought to Ukraine had their own backside. First of all, it should be said that the technological achievements and scientific progress provided the country with a huge scientific potential custom essay writers ukraine could become the basis for the rapid economic breakthrough, on the condition that the existing scientific achievements would have been successfully implemented and the development of new scientific, highly technological researches would have been supported.

In other words, Ukraine had the potential for the development of knowledge based industries. But, it is worth mentioning the fact that scientific developments in Ukraine were not uniquely the property of Ukrainian scientists. At any rate, their developments were accessible to the entire USSR and, hence, their developments could be successfully used by other republics of the USSR.

Moreover, it was not only economy but also science that was integrated in the USSR and often Ukrainian scientists were dependant on the development of their colleagues in other republics of the USSR since they worked together on the same projects.

In fact, the similar trends could be observed not only in Ukrainian science but economy as well. To put it more precisely, the powerful military complex of Ukraine was only a part of the Soviet military complex and Ukraine alone could hardly keep developing its military complex without the cooperation with other republics of the USSR.

In such a situation, the huge military complex became rather a burden for stagnating Ukrainian economy than a stimulus that contributed to the economic progress of the country. Moreover, the militarization of economy, which Ukraine inherited from the USSR, led to the disproportional development of the national economy.

By the early s, Ukraine did not need the mass production of military equipment and the military complex of the country was oriented on the conversion, which needed huge funds that were unavailable for Ukraine. At any rate, Ukraine alone could not afford the conversion of its military complex and, therefore, needed international support.

However, the conversion had its own negative effect on Ukrainian economy since the conversion led to the job cuts and entire branches of military-oriented industry slowly died out in Ukraine.

Hence, the country needed to create new jobs and substitute the military complex with new industries or new job or business opportunities for people. Taking into consideration the fact that Ukrainian military complex was oriented on the needs of the USSR, the solution of the problem of the conversion was practically unaffordable for Ukrainian economy.

Finally, the advances of Ukraine in such industries as nuclear energy industry, which had been developed during the Soviet era, also evoked numerous problems which created practically unsurpassable burdens for the national economy.

custom essay writers ukraine

To put it more precisely, the safety of nuclear plants in Ukraine was under a question, especially after the Chernobyl catastrophe.

In such a situation, Ukraine faced a dilemma of developing its energy industry since the country lacked fossil fuels as the major sources of energy, while development of nuclear energy was quite risky. Nevertheless, Ukraine had started to develop its nuclear energy which by the late s generated about a half of the energy in the country, compared to a third in the early s.

The choice was determined by the necessity of import of fossil fuels from Russia that made Ukraine economically dependent on this country.

However, this problem persists till the present day and the development of Ukrainian economy is, to a significant extent, defined by its relationships, both political and economic, with the Russian Federation. In such a situation, the Soviet heritage created favorable conditions for the emergence of a profound economic crisis in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, at this point it is necessary to remember that as Ukraine had gained independence, the country did have a choice. On the one hand, Ukraine, similarly to other eastern European countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic, for instance, could have started radical socioeconomic, political and administrative reforms, which would have totally changed the country and its socioeconomic system.

The ultimate goal of these reforms is the formation of the open market economy, instead of the command economy, and the formation of the democratic society and principles of socioeconomic relations in the country, including the protection of property rights and other basic civil rights and liberties.

In fact, eastern European countries had already passed through these radical reforms and by the late s they had approached the average level of socioeconomic development in Europe and approached standards of living of western and central Europe.

custom essay writers ukraine

On the other hand, Ukraine could and did choose a different way of the development that led the country to the socioeconomic collapse.Best Custom Essay Writing Service Our custom essay writing service provides wide range of custom texts – from simple essays, reviews, term papers and research papers to much more complicated pieces like dissertations and thesis works.

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