An analysis of the rachel colofs story

Pinterest Daphne du Maurier in New York, Only here Du Maurier artfully turns the tables, handing the power and control to the woman. The passionate tryst which Philip took to imply betrothal turns out, for his more experienced and worldly lover, to have been no more than friendship-with-benefits. Most specifically female sexuality: its ambiguity, its mystery and its potentially fatal — as perceived by men — power.

An analysis of the rachel colofs story

My thoughts on the vagaries and idiosyncrasies of life; sometimes I talk about my beloved books. This is really not my cup of tea - I suppose I could occasionally read, even enjoy psychological thrillers, but the Gothic romance is not for me.

It always, for me, conjures up images of howling wind and rain, and gloomy marshes or moors. Not for me. I prefer to laugh. My Cousin Rachel reminded me constantly of Jane Eyre.

The evocation of atmosphere, the friendless, dependent woman, the unequal romance age and otherwiseall bring to mind Jane Eyre.

Others have said that du Maurier has a way with words. I was too engrossed to particularly notice, which means she certainly does. The brilliance of My Cousin Rachel is neither plot nor suspense - it is atmosphere, even more than character. In fact, I'd say the atmosphere was a character in itself, playing strongly in shaping the reader's feelings and mindset.

The amazing ability to conjure up mood is what makes My Cousin Rachel more harrowing than the plot might suggest. I would say that the plot is not extraordinary or very suspenseful.

An analysis of the rachel colofs story

With the heavy doses of foreshadowing, and Ambrose's letters, it becomes rather obvious what has probably happened, and is happening. The narrator, Philip, is an orphan adopted by his older cousin Ambrose he is also a stupid, obtuse dolt. Philip is Ambrose's heir. Ambrose, who suffers from bad health in the winter, travels to warmer climes every winter.

This winter, he travels to Italy, where he meets the titular 'Cousin Rachel', who is constantly referred to as such, and is half-Italian. He enjoys her company, and, as you can probably guess, he falls in love with her and they marry. Rachel is the widow of Count Sangaletti, who, on his death left a large number of debts behind.

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She is quite impoverished when she meets, although not too impoverished to be able to reside in a large villa, in the best English fashion, where impoverished means that they live in a large house instead of a mansion, and employ only a few servants instead of an entire retinue.

Anyway, the only one surprised and unhappy at the marriage is Philip, the poor dolt. The reason that I keep referring to him as such will become obvious as I progress.

Now, I did not start out hating Philip. He is sympathetic enough in the beginning. Even when he failed to foresee Ambrose and Rachel's marriage, I was still sympathetic. After all, we are sometimes most blind about those closest to us. I didn't even hate him when he is extremely jealous of Rachel, because it makes perfect sense for the orphaned, unsociable person with only one true friend and relative in all the world to be jealous of someone who could potentially take that one friend away.

And of course, there is the new uncertainty about his rights, and whether he will still inherit the estate. Philip hates Rachel, and with good reason. This hatred grows stronger when Ambrose dies in Italy, before he can return home. Ambrose has sent home ambiguous, mysterious letters hinting at something dark and terrible.

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Is . Rachel Calof's Story Jewish Homesteader On The Northern Plains Calof/Rikoon There are four main parts to this book. The first, and most important, is My Story by Rachel Bella Calof. This is a first person narrative of Rachel's early life in Russia, her travel to the US as a mail-order bride, and her life as a Jewish homesteader in northern 4/5.

Rachel Calof’s Story combines her memoir of a hard pioneering life on the prairie with scholarly essays that provide historical and cultural background and show her narrative to be both unique and a representative western tale.

Rachel Calof’s Story

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