A nation of idiots essay

English February 11, In America, the people are all in agreement that everyone needs to receive a free education. After this free education is completed, high school graduates are urged to go on to college. This leads many people to believe that it will help our country reach the goal of becoming a smarter nation. However, in his essay Idiot Nation, Michael Moore argues that the exact opposite is occuring.

A nation of idiots essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Its vast potentialities as a powerful medium of mass communication cannot be underestimated. But in the hands of incompetent people, it can damage public morals, it can breed religious fanaticism; and it can vitiate international atmosphere and even precipitate a war.

Yet in the development of telecasting, India has lagged far behind many other countries including some which are otherwise much less developed. Television had been devised by John Legie Baird, a Scottish inventor, in Thereafter, its development in the technologically advanced countries of the west was rapid and very quick progress was registered in evolving sophisticated techniques which made multi-channel color television a possibility.

Now it transcends international boundaries. It has enabled people in one corner of the globe to see with their own eyes events happening in another remote corner, making the world appear much smaller than it is. It was only in that the first experimental television station in the country was setup in Delhi with the co-operation of UNESCO and a private firm.

Institute had developed indigenous technology for the industry. Init was estimated that there were 20, TV sets in the country out of which 15, were in Delhi house holds. That India was on the brink of a television explosion was made clear, by a survey conducted by the Department of Atomic Energy which pointed out that the demand for TV sets was likely to exceed three lakhs by Translated into practice, it can fill an immensely useful purpose.

It was can serve as an educational device and provide the missing link between the administration and the people, giving the latter a greater sense of involvement in the task of building a new India.

Handled with imagination, it can be used for promoting national aims like population control, Rational integration etc. But in inept hands, it can be a formidable instrument for mischief. And that raises a number of questions: What do we mean by imaginative handling?

How best can ii be made a medium of mass instruction? What should be the proportion of entertainment and instruction in television programmes? There are several ways in which the responsibility for running a national television service in India can be apportioned.

There is something to be said for that. But then State ownership tends to blunt the edge of creativity and exposes the government to the charge of placing restraints on freedom of expression by monopolizing another powerful mass-medium.

Two of the basic objectives of the television are obviously to entertain people and to promote their social awareness. But what are the other social objectives to be achieved?

A nation of idiots essay

Very high on this list should be the education of our ill-informed farmers. No other medium can reach such a large section of our society and communicate the message so effectively as television.

Thirdly, television can be used to promote national integration. It can expose viewers to carefully designed programmes from various regions and emphasize on their minds the basic cultural unity, of India.


Finally, television can be of immense use in educating students at schools and in the universities. In scientific education, in particular, good television programmes can easily make up for a bad teacher or an ill-equipped laboratory. Problems of technology and administration apart, the success of instructional televisions in India will depend in the ultimate analysis on the presentation, content and range of the programmes it brings into view, the extent to which the producers are successful in combining instruction with entertainment and the rapport they can establish with their audience.

It can flourish only if its distinct individuality is recognized and allowed to develop in its own way. The general standard of the programmes being telecast from our existing centres has gradually improved during the past few years. Educational programmes are more imaginatively produced and comprehend an interesting variety.

Viewers have taken to flies to honey. They heatedly discuss the last night, episodes and them like eagerly await the ones to follow. While these serials have undoubtedly raised the standard of television programmes in general, not all of them are commendable.

Some of them appear to be mediocre stuff hurriedly produced in imitation of formula films. If cheap comedy, insipid romance, noisy, rhythm less music, blatant sex display and bloodcurdling violence—the hallmarks of an average Indian movie—capture the television serials also, it will do irreparable damage to social climate.

It is heartening that some good directors like B.Feb 15,  · Chris Bellew Essay #2 English Feb. 11, In Michael Moore’s essay "Idiot Nation," he states many opinions and some facts that support his idea that our nation is becoming unintelligent. He does a very good job of blaming the political system and supporting the teachers.

He is very defensive of the teachers and. History by Ralph Waldo Emerson the full text of the famous essay · “The Lakme dessay histoire de babar natalie Forever Idiot Machine” is a very apt and fitting description of the essay idiot nation Internet and its “celebrities” and their “fans” Until I read this.

Idiot America's strongest points are in the background Pierce provides as to what the founding fathers, particularly James Madison, had in mind for the nation they were creating and how we have in the last few decades we have fallen so shamefully short of their noble aspirations.

Idiot Nation DO YOU FEEL like you live m a nation of idiots? I used to console myself about the state of stupidity in this country by repeating this. As to answer his question, “Do you feel like you live in a nation of idiots?

Without a doubt, my answer is NO! Nevertheless, after reading his essay, it is clear to me that Mr. Moore has a soft spot for some teachers of this nation.

Finally, I found something positive in this essay full of so much negativism. We couldn’t find any record of Einstein saying that technology would lead to a generation of idiots.

That quote has been circulating the Internet for years, but and original source for it has never been identified, and there’s no record of Einstein having said despite Einstein’s quotes being archived in multiple searchable databases.

International Thoughts: Idiot Nation by Michael Moore